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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape, clean, safe and attractive. This type of landscaping is carried out on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and sometimes quarterly. Keeping up with landscape maintenance every week is the best way to ensure healthy and  beautiful plants, trees, grass, and shrubs.

Landscape clean up is a large amount of growth on trees and shrubs or cluttered and trashed yards that would require more labor and a higher weight in material that would need to be removed.

HOA is one good reason for landscape maintenance and also for clean ups. The HOA’s are consistently checking for violations to fine the home owner.

Landscape clean ups are usually for home owners that wait every 6 or more months in between trimming, homes that are foreclosed/abandoned and then need to be sold or lived in.

The City has a big influence on landscaping, tree trimming and overgrowth because like the HOA’s they have rules that if broken they will fine the home owner.

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Why would an individual or a business want to have landscape maintenance?

1.  City Code

2.  HOA’s

3.  Curb Apeal

4.  Before a Gathering

5.  Broken Limbs on Trees

6.  Foreclosed Properties

7.  Selling Property

8.  Renting Property

9.  Image of Class

10.  The Right Tools Are Not Available

11.  No Time

12.  Too Hard

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